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Mr Seamus Ian Cornelius
Executive Chairman

LLB, LLM, appointed 15 July 2013

Mr Cornelius is a corporate lawyer and former partner of one of Australia’s leading international law firms. He has a high degree of expertise in cross-border transactions, particularly in the resources and finance sectors.

Mr Cornelius has been based in China since 1993 and brings more than 20 years of corporate experience in legal and commercial negotiations. He has also advised global companies including major resource companies and banks on their investments in China and advised Chinese State-owned entities on their investments in overseas resource projects.

Mr Cornelius is currently the Non-Executive Chairman of Buxton Resources Ltd (appointed 29 November 2010), Element 25 Ltd (appointed 30 June 2011), and Duketon Mining Ltd (appointed 8 February 2013).

Special Responsibilities: Mr Cornelius is a member of both the Audit committee and the Technical and Risk committee.


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    Friday, 30 April 2021

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    Friday, 30 April 2021