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Paul Michael Donaldson
Non-Executive Director; Masters Degree - Mining Engineering, Masters Degree - Business and Technology, BEng Chemical (Honours, University Medal), Assoc Dip. Applied Science (Metallurgy), initially appointed Chief Operating Officer 29 November 2012, transitioned to Chief Executive Officer 1 February 2013 and additionally appointed Managing Director 29 April 2014.

Mr Donaldson joined Danakali from a series of senior management roles spanning more than 25 years with BHP Billiton (“BHP”). At BHP Mr Donaldson managed large scale, open cut mining operations, significant growth and sustaining capital projects, and complex pyro metallurgical, beneficiation and manufacturing processes. Mr Donaldson headed the BHP Carbon Steel Materials Technical Marketing Team, managed the Port Hedland iron ore facility as well as occupying key roles in product and infrastructure planning across large scale supply chains.

Mr Donaldson also brings extensive experience in high-level business improvement and logistics from base metal operations and a high degree of integrated supply chain management, technical operational management and frontline leadership experience in the steel industry.

Special Responsibilities: Mr. Donaldson is the Chairman of the Technical and Risk committee and a member of the Nomination and Renumeration committee.


  • Final Director's Interest Notice (P Donaldson)

    Monday, 03 August 2020

  • Change of Director's Interest Notice (P Donaldson)

    Monday, 03 August 2020