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About Danakali Limited


Danakali is a resource company focused on Colluli SOP Project in Eritrea, East Africa. Our strategy targets development of a world class potash project that will become pivotal for Global and African agriculture. Colluli is expected to provide an outstanding economic, social and community dividend through positive impact on infrastructure, job creation and sustainability in Eritrea.

Tier 1 Project

World Class Reserve
Shovel Ready SOP Project
Financing Advanced and offtake in place
High Impact investment
Closest known SOP deposit to coast
Project execution experience
Community and social dividends
Stable, Supportive mining jurisdicion
Strong Cash flow
Offtake Agreement in place
High Quality Product
Development Underway

Commodity that brings value

Global agricultural phenomenon, vital for quality of crop and integral to navigating the global food security challenge

Premium Potash

Premium Potash

Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly

Under Applied

Under Applied

Set for Growth

Highly qualified Board and management team committed to promoting best standards of corporate governance and delivering Danakali’s strategy in line with shareholders’ and Eritrea’s long-term interests. Extensive sector and regional expertise generate confidence that the Colluli Project is executes in the most responsible and sustainable manner.


  • Project Update - High Purity SOP Production using Filtered Seawater reduces Capex and Opex

    Thursday, 17 June 2021

  • Project Update - Colluli to use Seawater in game changing breakthrough

    Thursday, 27 May 2021